Lessons from One Month in Customer Service

Lessons from One Month in Customer Service

After a whopping one month at my new job, I have learned some things I think might be of interest to the public.

  1. A lot of times, the “support chat” messages you get that seem automated are from real people who are tailoring their messages to your specific situation.
  2. There’s also a very real chance that said support people aren’t just sitting around waiting for someone to call. There are tons of other things that people could be doing that are related to support.
  3. There is a LOT to know!
  4. As you may remember from your days in school, group projects suck. Turns out, though, that if you’re on the right team. I have an incredible pair of colleagues, and we are having a great time working hard, helping each other learn and tag-teaming tickets. I. Love. It.

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