So far in November,

  • I turned 35.
    • My rockstar husband made me his legendary chicken tequila. It was divine.
  • I got a job!
    • In tech, in customer service, in the mental health field – check out our mothership Evercommerce and the main subsidiary I work for
  • I started said job and love it.
First day of new job! Very exciting stuff. 🙂
  • I turned into one of those trendy public transit commuter professionals who work in LoDo and daily uses a Bevi machine.
  • I taught a K-1 Sunday School class in which no one cut themselves on tin foil.
  • I learned about spell casters and that people actually use them.
    • They’re supposedly witches; some of them Don’t do that.
  • I shoveled my first driveway.

I plan to resume normal posts once things calm down a bit.

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