Hello and Goodbye.

Hello and Goodbye.

I have been planning this post for so long – the last Theology in Heels and first This Is My Life Now post. But stuff keeps getting in my way, and the new blog isn’t pretty and exciting yet. So many of the things that I have to say really belong on the new blog, and I’m sick of waiting to write them. SO… here we go.
Stephen and Lauren Engagements B&W-27My life right now is really beautiful. I have an incredible husband who is compassionate and patient and understanding and kind and fun and insanely attractive. He loves Jesus and he loves me. He’s wicked-useful in the kitchen and around the house; anything I don’t know he does, which is awesome. And he’s really nice about it, too.

I have five nieces and nephews, and all of them live within a 45-minute drive of me. They are super-fun and adorable.

Us with the kids
Y’all, they are almost 9-months older and EVEN CUTER THAN IN THIS PICTURE. Both the girls are walking and saying “Mama” and at least sorta know who Aunt Lauren is. 

Their parents are pretty great too – I have a fabulous sister and an amazing sister-in-law and all three of us hang out sometimes. And my brothers-in-law are smashing and make everything more fun. We love to play games with them, and they are both totally into board games, so that works out well.

me with both sisters
Me with both of my sisters. I’m not normally the short one…

But my life right now is also challenging – painful and hard (my health sucks), sometimes lonely (see preceding), with a steep learning curve (turns out a lot of things I know jackshit about). And more than anything, it doesn’t look like I expected. I had all these ideas about being an excellent housewife, but it turns out 1) it helps to know how to actually do housewife stuff, 2) it also helps if you’re physically competent to take care of business on a regular basis, and 3) it takes FOREVER to do this stuff if you are learning. My body is a freaked-out mess.

So what is this new blog going to be? Exactly what everyone says a blog can’t be – a mishmash. It’s gonna be recipes and hilarious stories about my housewifery mishapsand registry-item reviews (because I still am scared of slicing things in the food processor and I’m going to learn FOR YOU); it’s gonna be theology and ethics and Christian living and philosophy and musings and book reviews; it’s gonna be health-stuff and rants about the weird diet I’m gonna have to go on and thoughts on being a sometimes-invalid wife; it’s gonna be newlywed stuff and ridiculousness and drama.

The template of this blog will change. Probably a lot of times. I will figure things out, but in the meantime, I will be writing. Tell your friends.

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