The Secret of Our Great Strength

The Secret of Our Great Strength

Yes, that was a Samson reference. As you may know, the secret of Samson’s great strength was God. But it was signified by his long hair, which was part of his keeping the Nazirite vow – which, frankly, he didn’t keep very well except for the hair.

My husband has amazing hair. The best I’ve ever seen, although his sister’s is a close second. But the secret to our great strength isn’t his hair – it’s brining.

Y’all, we have fallen head over heels for brining; we use it most often on chicken. It’s a game changer.

A year ago, I barely knew what a brine was; now I can make one without a recipe. I’ve used a number of different kinds spices and herbs in brines, but I love the classic sea salt dissolved in warm water option. It keeps the chicken moist and tender through cooking. It brings out the flavor. And it’s such an easy thing to do. If you can put your chicken in a brine for at least 15 minutes, you are golden.

Want a primer?

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